Monday 19 May 2008

A Diamond Ring

I woke up early this morning since I could not sleep well last night. I was waking up throughout the night and crying. I am not sure if its because of mosquito bites but while I woke up last night I sat by myself at the edge of the mattress and fell back and knock my head against the wall. It was so loud that daddy and mommy woke up immediately.

Immediately after I had my lunch, daddy drove to KL supposingly to meet up with his associate but daddy was unable to reach him so we drove to Mid Valley instead for lunch. The after lunch, mommy tried to feed me milk but I refuses to drink and was making refusal signs and made mommy very angry. I did not sleep until around 1700hrs while mommy was looking for a ball so I could play with it while in the swimming pool.

Daddy today also tried to get me to call mommy but instead of calling mommy, I started calling mommy her name, Un. I am still unable to call papa or mommy.

Lunch :
Dinner : Steam Rice served with Steam Fish

Some photos taken today

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Today's Movie -

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