Monday 12 May 2008

30 Days To South America

I am now counting days to my first big trip, South America, but daddy has not made up his mind on our route for this trip. Currently daddy has confirm the airticket for Buenos Aires to Lima and continuing to Cusco before heading to Aguas Calientes for Machu Picchu. But daddy is not sure where we are heading to after that, but it will be either La Paz or Santiago de Chile.

Mommy today also fed me with the new oat mommy bought from the organic shop which I did enjoyed very much. Today mommy took me out for a evening walk with Toon and realise that I could recognised certain houses with dogs as I would turn m head to these houses as we walked past it.
Lunch : Steam Rice served with Steam Egg with Brinjal and French Beans.
Dinner : Stream Rice served with Chicken Soup boiled with Carrot and

Some photos taken today

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Today's Movie - Juno

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