Tuesday 20 May 2008

Today Is Tuesday

Daddy waking up in the morning with a bad tummy ache, must have been the curry he had last night. As for me, I stayed at home the whole day. Woke up around 0700hrs and started asking mommy for milk and fell asleep again later until around 1100hrs.

In the evening, mommy and daddy took me out for an evening walk and we visited Bruce and Harriette, its been a long time since I last saw Bruce. He is so good looking now......!!! Harriette has grown a lot as well, only 9months and she is almost the same weight as I am. I need to buck up before he is going to be bigger than I am. On the way back, I wanted to visit Kitt but no one was at home so mommy walk me home for dinner.

Tomorrow Aunty Cyn Cyn will be coming over for dinner. Happy Belated Birthday!

Lunch : Steam Rice served with Steam Egg
Dinner : Steam Rice with Carrot Soup

Some photos taken today

Click here for more photos in slideshow.

Today's Movie - Teeth

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