Saturday 10 May 2008

The Hill Trip

Daddy got a little mad today as we went on a hilltop tour. Initially the planned was to drive to Bukit Cahaya for a walk but instead we detour just as we left home and daddy wanted to drive to Frasers Hill just after lunch but the traffic to the city (which we need to drive past) was quite bad, and we will be left with little time up on the hill so daddy thought it would be easier to drive up to Bukit Tinggi which is much nearer.

We arrived in Bukit Tinggi around 1530hrs after buying the entrance ticket (RM16.00 - adult and RM8.00 - children), which is totally not worth the money since it was only valid for Japanese Garden, Colmar Tropicale and Rabbit Park (if you are going, get the all-access ticket if not the entrance for Rabbit Park alone is RM3 per person). The Japanese garden is a total waste of time and the botanical garden next to it is not that impressive either. Colmar Resort which supposed to resemble a French Resort isn't that attractive either except for the geese and ducks which got mommy excited. Then the rabbit garden can be interesting but I was afraid of them, did not even dare to go near any of it. Mommy wants to bring me here again when I get older so I can start running around chasing the rabbits. Everything need to be paid even visiting the Horse Ranch is RM2.00 per entry. The weather up on this hill isn't very cold so I would give it a 2 out of 10.

We left the hill around 1700hrs and started driving up to Genting Highland instead, which had much more of everything. But going up today to Genting was a really bad idea since it was really cold and we were not prepared, luckily it had great indoor activities.

We ended leaving Genting Highlands around 2100hrs and arrived home at 2245hrs.

Lunch : Fried Conchiglie (con-KEEL-yay) with vegetables
Dinner : Fried Conchiglie (con-KEEL-yay) with vegetables and KFC's chicken and mash potato

Some photos taken today on daddy's mobile phone since he forgot to insert both flash and SD card for the digital video and camera,

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