Friday 23 May 2008

Wow Its Friday

Mommy today started feeding me 2 tea spoon of cod liver oil, Scotts Emulsion Orange Flavored. Initially when I saw the spoon I opened my mouth widely and waiting for it but once I tasted it, my face changed with shiver and even tears rolling down my eye. It tasted really bad I am sure. But I do not think mommy would stop feeding me since it is actually good for children.

I did not have a long afternoon sleep today as well, only 1 and half hours but slept early around 2030hrs since mommy had to go to the wholesale market.

Lunch : Pumpkin Congee
Dinner : Steam Rice with Steam Egg and Spinach

Some photos taken today

Click here for more photos in slideshow.

Today's Movie - Sawan Biang (สวรรค์เบี่ยง)

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