Tuesday 6 May 2008

Shopping Tuesday

Daddy left for work much later today and got back by 1630hrs. I was surprise to see daddy in the room as I woke up. Daddy got home because the office blackout a couple of times today and the people around his office says that maybe the electricity might not be back even tomorrow. Will see if daddy going to come back early again. Anyway daddy would have to come back slightly earlier than normal as we are all going to Yee Ku Poh house for dinner.

When daddy got home in the afternoon today, he thought of driving to Alamanda to walk around since it was a very hot day and it would be nice to take a walk around a shopping centre in the evening. We got back home just in time for dinner. Starting today, I will start putting up what mommy cooked for me,

Lunch : Steam Egg with Vegetable served with Steam White Rice
Dinner : Vegetable Soup searved with Steam White Rice

Some photos taken today,

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Today's Movie - Princess Hours (궁)

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Anonymous said...

hi baby, nice to see you here again. take care yar!