Wednesday 28 May 2008

Walk Walk

Today I started walking a little more and I am walking freely inside my little house but still having feat walking outside the house now. Mommy thought she took video of me walking today but she forgot to switch it on and only to realise that the SD card is full as well.

At lunch I accidentally touch a boiling hot pot as mommy thought I could not reach it but instead I pull the newspaper which the pot was on. It was so painful that my palm turned red immediately.

Mommy tried feeding me fried fish but I refuse to swallow the fish and rice mixed together. I even started to pretend to cough and spit out all the rice and fish.

Some video taken today of me watching Ice Age 2.

Lunch : Steam Rice with Steam Egg
Dinner : Steam Rice with Fried Fish

No photo were taken today

Today's Movie - Ice Age 2 / Jam Loey Rak (จำเลยรัก)

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