Sunday 18 May 2008

Vesak Day

It was an outing day. It started just after lunch when mommy wanted to pray at Chetawan Temple in Jalan Gasing, so we went with Aunty Jin, Ser Kai and Aunty Sook Ching. It was very lively unlike the last time I was there. I got a yellow string tied to my wrist too!. This time there were even mobile stalls parked just outisde the temple compound selling cooked food, to fresh vegetables to even magzines and TV series. Mommy had her Som Tum and Kuey Teow Moo.

After leaving the temple, daddy and mommy then took me for a swim. We arrived much later then usual and the swimming pool was already crowded with kids. I still had quite a good time except daddy haven't gotten me a ball yet! Did not stay too long since we had to rush back for Bak Kut Teh (location) with granny and grandpa. Finally mommy found the shop that mommy use to eat everytime before mommy took the bus back to Hat Yai.

After dinner it was time for Vesak procession passing the main road to Kajang. We stayed in front of BHP Kiosk since daddy had no problem parking the car there. I also met Grand Aunty Putih and Grand Uncle Kok Lian with Kit during the procession. By the time it fnished, I was soaking wet from the spray.

Lunch : Steam Rice served with Steam Egg with Prawns and Beans
Dinner : Steam Rice served with Carrot Soup

Some photos taken today

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