Friday 30 May 2008

Walk On The Road

I woke up very early today and started waking daddy up as well. Daddy got back very late last night and did not sleep until around 0500hrs this morning. Mommy wasn't sure if daddy is going to come back home for dinner.

In the afternoon, mommy took me out for a walk instead of putting me in the stroller. I had quite a good time walking but I will try to sit on the road after a few steps. My steps are not very stable and hopefully I would be able to walk in the next few days since it would be much easier for daddy and mommy in this coming holiday.

Lunch : Steam Rice with Fried Fish and Soup
Dinner : Steam Rice with Steam Egg

No photo were taken today

Today's Movie - Jam Loey Rak (จำเลยรัก)

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