Wednesday 16 September 2009

Refuses Afternoon Nap

Today I refuses to have my usual afternoon nap. Mommy brought me upstairs to sleep but instead, I turn around and started disturbing mommy. Then mommy thought turning of the TV would make me sleep which didn't work as well. I stayed around until 1700hrs when mommy took me downstairs.

During dinner, after the third spoon, I started to show that I am falling asleep which then mommy actually woke me up a few times to finish my dinner. Around 2100hrs I slept by myself without much problem!

Daddy front teeth got chipped and would need to go to Hat Yai to get it fix. Guess would need to make a trip back to Hat Yai either before we move in or just after.

Lunch : Steam Promfret and Soup with White Rice
Dinner : Fried Prawn and Broccoli with White Rice

No photo were taken today and will not be taking any photos the next few days as Uncle Edmund borrowed it to try since he was going to London.

Today's Movie -

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