Tuesday 8 January 2008

A Laid Back Day

Since we have been travelling over 1000km in the past 5 days, daddy did not go out until about 1700hrs today. We stayed in the hotel watching news, washing cloths and cooking. I also fell this morning and hurt my nose. It was quite red after the fall. We took a taxi to Paragon since daddy wanted to see if the sales were still on since daddy is looking for a nice leather wallet. We arrived in Paragon around 1730hrs since the traffic was quite heavy due to the rush hour. The sales were still on so daddy got himself a polo shirt from Burberry.

After that we met up with Auntie Anne and Uncle Sam in Khao San Road for Isreali Cuisine. Since it was grandpa's first time trying it. No comment from grandpa so I guess he did not really like it just like mommy never liked it before even though daddy goes there each time he is in Bangkok. After dinner, we all walked to Auntie Anne and Uncle Sam condo which overlook the Chao Phraya river. Unfortunately, it is dark so we could not see much of it. But daddy had a great time trying out Wii. I am sure daddy will get one soon.

Some photos taken today

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