Thursday 13 December 2007

A Shopping Day

Well it was going to be another day for me but daddy called back and asked mommy if she want to go shopping in the evening after daddy got off work. Well, definately the answer was yet. So we went out to KLCC in the evening to see what was on sales. Initially daddy thought getting a new wallet for himself since his 10 years old wallet is starting to tear but nothing interest him and the wallet he wanted has no discount. Anyway mommy got me more toys from Fisher-Price, a learning phone and play cubes. Mommy also got me a new farmer suit and a pants from Pumpkin Patch.

Unfortunately, no photos were taken today as daddy was too lazy to carry the camera around since he thought nothing much to take around Suria KLCC but he was wrong, the christmas deco are up and it was a waste that we did not take the camera there. Hope mommy will take some photos of what I got today.

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