Sunday 30 December 2007

Leaving For Bangkok Tomorrow

I will be leaving for my second trip to Bangkok tomorrow but daddy's eye is not getting any better today. He went to see a doctor today but doesn't seems to really help. Guess daddy will not have a good holiday this time.

As for me today, while daddy and mommy is trying to close the luggage after packing I feel of the bed again, just like what happen in Kanchanaburi a couple of months ago. Except this time, it was not as high as the bed in Kanchanaburi but only a few inches high. Anyway it did cause a bruise my forehead. Guess I never learn from my previous falls.

Tomorrow the taxi will be here to pick us up at 0730hrs for our flight at 1040hrs. Will need to wait in the airport for 2 hours and another 2hours flight.

No photos were taken today as everyone was busy packing for the trip.

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