Sunday 2 December 2007

Sun "Swim" Day

Even though I am still sick (cough and running nose), daddy took me out today for swimming which grandpa and granny did not agree with daddy as they say it will affect me. But daddy thought it would be good since last week I missed my pool session. This time, I had much more fun than the last time since I did not cry when I am in the water. I actually started kicking and was able to stay in a float a longer period of time compare the last 2 times. I did not have any problem with water splashing on my face as well and I could stand assisted in the pool too. Hopefully the next trip to the pool will be better and I am able to play on my own in my float.

After that daddy drove to Mid Valley, initially to get mommy's contact lens and frozen dory fish in Carrefour but ended up getting neither of it. Instead, mommy and granny got some butter cookie and almond flour for baking cookies. For me, mommy got me new cloths for next year since Mother Care is currently sale from 10% to 80%. Daddy has always love this brand because of the quality since I only have a few cloths and these few cloths will be washed often. Mommy also got a present for her friend's new born, supposedly popping out end of this month so it will be nice to pass to her friend when we visit them in Jan. Some stuff I got today,

Mid Valley is also decorated beautifully with Christmas decoration but unfortunately we do not have enough time to take photos at all the Christmas decorations inside.

Some photos taken today

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Today's Movie - Hot Rod

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