Saturday 22 December 2007

Another Day In Pavilion

Since the other day we only had a couple of hours to walk around in Pavilion, today daddy drove me and mommy to check out the remaining outlets which we missed. Well we did not missed much except for the food outlets on the 1st Floor and the remaining outlets on the 5th floor.

Mommy actually wanted to get a new non-stick pot, so my porridge do not get burned again. But there isn't much choices in Parkson. But instead, daddy saw a bag by Burberry for me since I do not really have a bag to put my stuff when we go out. It is a Check Messenger Diaper Bag.

So while daddy and mommy was thinking about getting the bag, they saw a Fujifilm self developing photo machine in Harvey Norman which was going for MYR 0.45 for each 4R size. Actually the print quality are very good. Mommy is going to choose more photos and get it printed before we leave for Bangkok on New Year's Eve.

Toon is also back from her holiday in Indonesia, so mommy will not be so tired washing, cooking, cleaning and feeding me. Grandpa and granny is also back from Ipoh today with a big christmas present from Great Auntie Pearl, a teddy bear.

Some photos taken today

Click here for more photos in slideshow.

Today's Movie - Who's Your Caddy

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