Wednesday 19 December 2007

Out Shopping With Mommy

Mommy took me out shopping today without daddy since granny drove to Tesco Extra at Cheras in the afternoon. Mommy called daddy to join them and he actually wanted to but mommy did not pick up the phone so he drove to collect his portable Western Digital HD which daddy sent it for warranty claim.

Well nothing much happened today except mommy was suggesting to daddy to changed the milk powder again. So daddy thought why not take me to see Doctor Khoo and check how is my growth and is there any problem with my weight since I am not getting chubby like all other babies my age.

You can see the photos below my new haircut!, and mommy think it look nice and even say my hair now looks like her idol Rain, but daddy thinks not anywhere near and its way too short. Well tomorrow is a public holiday and not sure what is planned for me tomorrow.

Some photos taken today

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