Saturday 1 December 2007

Cough and Wheezing

When I visited Dr. Khoo yesterday I was still alright but after getting back I started to have a slight cough. Then this morning I actually got worst, running nose and a slight fever. My breathing also got a little little which daddy was cause by the phlegm. Then after dinner, mommy checked that Dr. Wong is open from 1800-2100hrs. So mommy asked daddy to take me to visit Dr. Wong. Immediately when Dr. Wong saw me, she insisted that I should take a dose of "gas" which puzzle daddy and mommy, what gas? Anyway because Dr. Wong says it is to relieve my breathing difficulty since my wheezing is quite bad and I might have bronchitis.

I was then led into the room behind for a dose of Ventolin / Combivent, the nurse says its ventolin but the doctor says its combivent. Anyway my breathing became much smoother. But after I got home, the wheezing came back and I refuse to drink my last bottle of milk for the day. Hopefully I get better tomorrow if not I will have to visit Dr. Khoo in his clinic tomorrow morning.

Well in the afternoon, Uncle Sum Hor and Uncle Tim Weng visited me and took us out for ice-cream. He also wanted to buy me a Pooh gold pendent but daddy refuses to let him buy since it would be a waste of money and I would not appreciate it anyway. Eventually daddy had to tell the sales lady some silly excuse to get him away from the shop.

No photo taken today.

Today's Movie - Prison Break Season 3 Episode 7 and 8

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