Wednesday 26 December 2007

Walking Around

Today I stayed at home walking around the house assisted by mommy. I am more interested in walking then sitting down. Mommy will have a tough time chasing me when I start running around for sure.

Aunty Liu Yun just got back from China and I got a present from her. She bought a chicken soft toy for me but I got "freak" out when I saw it. I did not really dare to touch it actually, it was like me touching something dangerous.

Granny invited Aunty Lui Yun to Bangkok with us next week as well, but not sure if she would be going since the airfare might not be worth it. But it will be quite fun to have her around for this trip.

Today daddy also went to try the Angus House and he tried both angus beef and wagyu beef and both of them are different in texture as well as taste. Wagyu beef is much juicier and tender while the angus beef is slighty tougher and dry but with a very nice after taste.

Some photos taken today

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