Friday 28 December 2007

Chic vs Chick

Early this morning mommy actually went over to the house at the back to buy some "kampung" (village) eggs for me but it was sold out as you need to booking to buy these eggs since the chicken are not fed with any chemical produced feeds. But later in the evening mommy took me and Toon over to buy more eggs. But I am so excited when I saw the real chicken running around and the sound they were making.

In the afternoon, mommy took me over to Aunty Jin house, I got so comfortable with my neighbour that I could sleep and move around just like my own home. I think I have got "crush" with mobile phones. I was sitting down quietly and just as aunty Jin put her phone down, I immediately crawled over to pick it up. And the next thing was throwing it away.

Some photos taken today

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Today's Movie - Nang Nak

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