Friday 14 December 2007

Is Friday!

After months of getting a temporary plastic drawer to keep all my cloths, today mommy finally moved all my cloths into my one drawer since the plastic drawer is too small and not enough to fit all my cloths in it anymore. Guess daddy will not be getting any more cloths for me the next few months.

Not sure what happen to me after daddy and mommy had their dinner as I was very quiet and seems very lazy as well. Did not want to move, just sleeping on mommy's shoulder until later in the evening, when my cousin Kitt came over to my house with Sam Kam Poh and Sam Kau Goong. I became more cheerful and playful, at least I did not cry when I met Sam Kau Goong.

Tomorrow I will be leaving in the morning to Penang Island as daddy need to collect something from one of his artist (Jeanette Wang - 王芷蕾) performing for a charity show organised by Kwong Wah Jit Poh (Newspaper). Hope the traffic going up north will not be too bad.

Some photos taken today

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