Sunday 23 December 2007

A Rushing Day

Mommy wanted to go for pot shopping today in either Mid Valley or One Utama since there wasn't much choice in Parkson Pavilion. Daddy then called Aunty Cyn Cyn if she was free to meet up with Mid Valley together with Aunty Yvonne but instead, Tai Ku Poh invited us for dinner in Kajang together with Low Lee Leng (Kajang State Assemblywoman). Then grandpa told us that Mr. Lee which daddy thought it would be great to print some photos for Mr. Lee on our previous luncheon.

Immediately after lunch daddy thought of getting the photo printed in Jusco Cheras Selatan since Fujifilm has an outlet there, but when we got there, the machine is out of order and they could only give us the photos on Wednesday to daddy decided driving to Harvey Norman Pavilion to get the photos printed since we tried them yesterday and the colours were good. After that we immediately drove back home for dinner at 1830hrs.

Daddy forgot to take the camera to dinner but granny bought a photo taken in Pavilion today, I actually smiled!

Today's Movie - Thai Channel 3 (Thai General Election)

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