Saturday 15 September 2007

A Fun Day

I had a wonderful time today during lunch as I got to meet Tai Ku Poh, Yee Ku Poh, Uncle Jee, Auntie Nancy, Auntie Cyn Cyn, Cousin Jonathan, Uncle and Auntie Lee who helped daddy to speak to the immigration officer in order to get my passport if not it will not surely I will not be able to go to Bangkok this coming Thursday. When daddy asked him would there be any problem during renewal, he say should not be so I guess I will have to wait another 5 years to see what happens.

After lunch, daddy sent Yee Ku Poh back home and then we went to USJ to buy the Ecze Cream. They are no longer called Healthview Pharmacy but its now known as Alpro Pharmacy located at the same place.

Then daddy drove to Alamandad to meet up with Uncle Jerry, daddy's diving buddy staying in Seremban.

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