Tuesday 4 September 2007

Another Day Of Enquiry

It was another day of enquiry for daddy and granpa. Daddy even resorted to make a trip to visit MCA Complain and Assistance Bureau office of Michael Chong (Datuk) but no one actually seems to actually know what is the proper guideline for a citizenship.

Early in the morning, daddy got a call from a lawyer who is a family friend and he told daddy there should not be any problem. This is what he got to know from the Immigration Headquarters in Damansara. Then later in the afternoon, daddy made a call to DAP headquarters which they later directed daddy to the Cheras Branch, nothing was solve since they ask me to contact the PR Office in the Registra Department. Later in the afternoon after a few of daddy's meeting, he left and visited the MCA Complain and Assistance Bureau, Michael Chong (Datuk) office. Here Daddy was given a proper picture that even the political party is not sure of the guideline on citizenship. It was mention to daddy that to become a malaysian citizen, the parents need to be married for at least 7 months which later another lady told daddy that even is the parent married today and the following day the baby is born, they baby is a Malaysian. So what is what now?

They also suggested daddy to make a trip to JPN (Registra Office) to do a search of my citizenship and my great grand auntie suggested to visit another MP to seek her advice.

The dilemma continues......

Currently I have achieved another 1000 hits, now at 2000 hits,since I started a few days before I was born.

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