Wednesday 13 June 2007

Chinese Wedding Tea Ceremony

Today is my first time attending a chinese wedding tea ceremony, my auntie Pei San chinese custom wedding tea ceremony held in her house this morning. It start from Uncle Louie arriving with his buddies and he has to go through obstacles created by Auntie Pei San friends before they allow him to enter the house.

After going through all the obstacles he will then go to Auntie Pei San room and walk her out to do the tea ceremony. The ceremony lasted for about an hour after which, Auntie Pei San will have to go to Uncle Louie house for the second round of tea ceremoney. During the tea ceremoney, elder will give 'red packets' or gifts to the newly wed but for anyone younger, like me will receive 'red packet' from the newly weds.

Met a lot of aunties and uncles during the tea ceremony and some say that when I grow up I will be talkative because of my lips, then some says that I will be a tall girl but most of them are just talking about my hair.

This website also achieved the first 1000 clicks today.

Some of the photos taken today,

Click here for more photos.

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