Saturday 16 June 2007

Auntie Pei San Wedding

Today mommy and daddy wanted to try if I could actually survive a chinese wedding dinner but I am sure they are quite dissappointed that they had to leave the dinner after the 3rd dish was served. The reason was I started crying non-stop from the time I arrive in the restaurant(Royal China) and it got worse when the presentation started.

We arrived at the dinner at 7pm (sharp) as granpa thinks that the traffic will be bad since it rained the whole afternoon, but it only took us 35mins to get to the restaurant from home. I had a tough time from 7pm till about 9.30pm when I started screaming, I've never screamed like this before, I am sure it must have been the noise in the hall. Anyway daddy decided that if I cried once more, daddy and mommy will take me home, which they did. I am sure this will be the last time daddy and mommy going to bring me for a wedding dinner.

Again daddy took his camera but left the CF card at home. As usual, never learn from mistakes.

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