Thursday 21 June 2007

Me Crying And Teeth

I have been crying a lot lately and today mommy took the opportunity to take some photos of me crying my lungs out.

Another interesting discussion is about baby like me using pacifier. It is said that using pacifier in an early age will develope ugly looking teeth so I did some research and it reallydoes, only if you continue sucking after the age of 4-5yrs. Click here is an article which I came across while doing reseach on sucking. There is also a very good tip on buying a pacifier. Click here for another good link on pacifier and thumb sucking.

A short note taken from,
Sucking Habits
It is completely normal and healthy for your baby or young child to suck on a thumb, finger or pacifier. It's not something you need to be alarmed about or discourage. Sucking is a natural reflex and
something he or she did in the womb.
Children usually give up sucking habits on their own by the time they are 4 to 5 years old. If they stop the habit at this age, the shape of the jaw is usually not affected and the teeth grow in normally. However, some children find the sucking habit hard to break. Children who are still sucking on a pacifier, finger or thumb when their permanent (adult) teeth start to come in are more likely to have bite problems. Sucking can cause:

  • The top front teeth to slant out
  • The bottom front teeth to tilt in
  • The upper and lower jaws to be misaligned
  • The roof of the mouth to be narrowed

My crying photos,

Click here for more photos.

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