Saturday 30 June 2007

Me in Bikini

Today mommy found the bikini she bought for me months ago, or before I was born in Jusco Ipoh. Daddy and mommy thought of taking me to the swimming pool so they wanted to see if I can fit in the bikini but as you can see from the photos below, I will have to wait for at least another month before I can wear this sexy bikini.

Later in the evening, daddy drove me up to Genting, no problem at all, mommy held me in her arm and I slept all the way up without waking up at all. Just as I arrive up in Genting, I woke up right on time for my milk. Daddy went to finish up his work while me, mommy and Toon went to search for the Korean Restaurant. Unfortunately, the restaurant is no longer around.

We left around 2200hrs and arrived back home at 2330hrs.

Some photos taken today,

Click here for slideshow.

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