Wednesday 27 June 2007

Genting Highlands Can?

Many people has been telling mommy and daddy that they should not drive me to Genting Highlands because of the altitude sickness, pressure, temperature as well as the crowd. Lets discuss this below,

1) Altitude sickness - any newborn should be kept below 8000ft especially for the first and second month. So Genting is located below 8000ft or to be exact is 6001ft. So I guess its fine for a few hours.

2) Pressure - it should be the same symtoms in a plane during take up or landing and one way to prevent is to have a pacifier or a bottle.

3) Temperature - An infant average room temperature should be around 18degrees C so I guess Genting Highlands will just be ideal for me with 2 layer of cloths.

So what do you think, should I go or not?

Some photos taken today,

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