Sunday 30 September 2007

Getting A Flu

I am falling ill today, not too sure how I actually got contacted with the virus, could have been yesterday in Tesco Kajang. Today daddy was suppose to meet up with Uncle Lorenz in Mid Valley but he could not get hold of Uncle Lorenz so he thought maybe will just get there first and if Uncle Lorenz could make it then will just have dinner there. But not until later in the evening when daddy got a call that he could not make it and only be able to meet up tomorrow.

So me, daddy, mommy, granny and grandpa walked around Mid Valley and newly open Robinsons (nothing to do with Thailand's Robinson) @ The Gardens since mommy is shopping for a Kipling or LeSportSac but unfortunately we do not have much choice here. Guess mommy will have to wait until she get to Bangkok to get one.

Mommy today also fed me the remaining packet of cereal yesterday and it took me 30mins to finish it, not sure if it was fast or slow but mommy is thinking of feeding me one packet instead of half a packet. Not sure if I am going to take double to time to finish as well.

Daddy again forgot to bring along the camera today. No photo was taken today.

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