Saturday 22 September 2007

Pommitr Studio (King Naresuen)

Finally daddy decided to drive me out instead of leaving me in great granny care since I would be better staying with mommy and great granny is having a flu as well. So daddy took me, mommy, granny, auntie Aey, auntie Chai A uncle Chang, great uncle Lim, and auntie Kib to this very popular attraction. The filming set for the latest thai movie, King Naresuen. But I think daddy was more interested in the drive there since it passes quite a few military barracks and the filming site is located inside Kanchanaburi Military District.

This site is located about 20km away from Kanchanaburi (drive toward Erawan Waterfall until you reaches Lat Ya town, turn left to the Military Site, drive till you see an Airport on the right, make a left turn, drive all the way to the end of the road, just before the amry barracks turn right) and if you do not understand thai like daddy and uncle chang, I would not suggest you to come since firstly, is a waste of money as the entrance is 200bt for foreigner (100bt for local) and all the movie and informations are in Thai! Its hot and I am not sure how long is this place going to stay how it is as most of the sets are made out of cement covered foam and they are cracking. But daddy was quite impress with the amount of money they spend in filming this movie. The whole things took about 2-3 hours if one would to walk the whole park but with a weather like this.. I wonder. Some of the available attraction in this park are, horse riding, buffalo cart rides, shooting century old gun (50bt per shot) and Elephant ride. But daddy still thinks they have a lot to improve if they want to cater this place to foreigner.

Later for dinner, great granny cooked a prawn feast, fried and steam with fried kuat tiew. What a dinner.

Tomorrow, I will be leaving for Bangkok but daddy is very worried about the car so I am not sure if we would be able to reach Bangkok successfully. Let's keep the fingers cross.

Some photos taken today,

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Today's Movie - Ocean's Thirteen

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