Monday 10 September 2007

Holding The Cup Myself

Another achievement done today when granny told daddy that I could actually how the drinking cup myself. Daddy was saying should not be a problem but what granny have not told daddy was I could remove and put it back into my mouth. Mommy also got very excited when she ask daddy to take out the video camera and film. Well daddy now is comtemplating to buy a new video camera which uses the hard drive instead of conventional DV tape. This way it would be very much easier for daddy and mommy to upload my videos.

As for my skin, as some of you have been asking, I would suggest you to try EUBOS Cream Bath Oil. Well it really did help me and my rashes are now completely gone. For the past few days I have also been sleeping with the air-condition turn on and so far my skin is still okay except for some dry spot near my left wrist. The rest of my body are completely gone compare to July when my whole body literally covered with little red dots.

I also realise that mommy and daddy are getting a little lazy, not taking photo of me daily, anyway some photos taken today and a video of me holding the cup,

And My Video

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Today's Movie - Pathfinder

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