Wednesday 12 September 2007

Five Months Old

I am five months old today and in 8 days I will be leaving to Bangkok and Kanchanaburi to visit my great granny and I am very excited about this trip.

There are some rashes starting around my forehead and daddy think it could have been the mitten which I rub on my face. I think mommy will have to change the mittens more often now to monitor if it is cause by the mitten.

Today something terrible happens as well when I kept quiet after a "Titanic" poo. Mommy was wondering why I suddenly kept quiet and not making any sound or action. Thats when mommy came nearer to see what is wrong only to realise that I have just delivered dirtied my napkin. Normally in the day, Mommy will not put disposable diaper on me because it might cause nappy rashes so normally mommy will put on napkins for me. Today I have just made a big mess out of it while I was enjoying my swing. Mommy and Granpa had to carry me with the swing into the toilet to clean me up. It was terrible, the "melted chocolate" was all over the swing as well.

Anyway, tomorrow Auntie Cyn Cyn might be coming over for dinner since daddy is going to cook spaggetti as he promise to Auntie Cyn Cyn when she finishes her diet program.

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