Tuesday 11 September 2007

Hanoi.... Almost

Daddy today almost bought me an airticket to Hanoi as they were going for RM48.00 from Kuala Lumpur and 88bt from Bangkok. But unfortunately by the time he want to buy the ticket the price has increased and its not worth paying the new fare since there are 10 people going altogether, daddy, mommy plus me, both granny, granpa, uncle aot, auntie aey, great granny, with both great uncle from Kanchanaburi and auntie from Bangkok. But I am sure there will be new promotions from airasia soon.

In the afternoon, Auntie Jin, my neighbour tried to carry me again and it happen once more, could not carry me more than a minute when I started crying. Not sure is because of the way she carries me or I am starting to choose the people who can carry me.

Some photo taken today,

Video of me today,

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Today's Movie - 4 - Rise Of The Silver Surfer / Spiderman 3

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