Wednesday 5 September 2007

Passport Solved

This morning daddy was very uncertain what he really want to do, go and do a citizenship search with the Registra Department, visit another MP for advice or wait another day for daddy with check with his friend. It was like an angel fell on daddy just before he actually decide, Tai Ku Por called and told granpa that her old secretary is with the Ministry of Home Affair and he would be able to advice what is the proper procedure since the immigration and registra is under his ministry.

Daddy, Granpa and Granny visit Mr. X and he called a couple of departments to clarify what is the proper procedure and there isn't such a thing that a Malaysian(Father) and Foreigner(Mother) registered couple baby's citizenship will be questioned. This is only applicable for Muslim couple which need a minimum of 6 months before they can have a child if not the child will follows the mother's status. Mr. X then called the Immigration office in Kajang to clarify and Mr. Y (director) did a search and ask us to go back to office see him. It was a long wait for the process but it was worth it as they accepted my application. Daddy paid the fee (RM150 for children below 12yrs of age) and I should be collecting my passport tomorrow.

It has been a nightmare for daddy over the past 2 days and hopefully everything will be smooth tomorrow when daddy collectst he passport.

Some photos taken today,

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I will be leaving to Bangkok on September 20th.

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