Friday 21 September 2007

In My Great Granny Shop

Today daddy thought that I could spend some time with my granny in the shop but I guess daddy didn't know what would happen to me without mommy around.

Daddy, Mommy, Uncle Chang, Auntie Aey and Great Grandpa went out for a drive to the surrounding attractions around Kanchanaburi, such as the Hellfire Pass, Muang Sing Historical Park (Khmer Ruins) and Ban Kao Museum (not too attractive) which took about 4 hours. Mommy wanted to end the day trip with a tour to one of Thailand most expensive movie produce, King Narusuan in Lat Ya but the car which daddy driving start giving problem immediately as we left the Ban Kao Musuem. Daddy thought it was a miss firing but later only to know that it was a loose hose connecting to the engine which was causing the explosion sound. Daddy decided it would be more wise to drive the car back to Kanchanaburi instead of going to another place.

By the time we got back, I was actually sleeping but the ordeal that granny had to go thru without mommy. Later that night daddy and mommy planned dinner with everyone was good, they had daddy's favourite dish, steam prawns with lime and chilli. There were 15 of us with 3 plate each, but only cost 2200bt for everything, Daddy always think this is the best place for food in Kanchanaburi. The restaurant name is Chokadon located along the River Kwai (actual pronouncition is Kwea as Kwai means buffalo in Thai)

Some photos taken today

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Today's Movie - Ocean's Thirteen

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