Thursday 20 September 2007

Arrived In Bangkok

Early this morning I actually woke up together with daddy and mommy when granny woke us up. We got to the airport around 7am for the flight departing at 0830. It was an easy check-in since this was the first time daddy and mommy taking a baby on flight. The lady over the counter was very helpful and gave all the information that daddy needed. Then we waited until around 0820 when it was time to board the plane. Previously before Air Asia started the express check-in, they would call for senior citizen (over 65 years old) and family with children to board the plane first but time, to daddy surprise there isn't such privilege which daddy think was no right since it would be a problem for family with babied to board the plane. Mommy was complaining about the seat inside the plane as it was too narrow for a mother carrying a baby. Mommy was complaning to daddy to not fly Air Asia again until I am old enough to have my own seat. Anyway our flight departed on schedule and we arrive in Bangkok on time, 0925. It was an easy flight as I did not have any problem, no crying, I actually sleep when the plane was taking off and only woke up when we were about to land. It was a very good flight except for the seating arrangement.

We were met Auntie Aey, Great Uncle and Uncle Chang in S&P restaurant. Daddy wanted to have lunch first before driving off to Kanchanaburi since he is not familiar with route. Anyway it was nice of Great Uncle to drive to Bang Kae which is on the highway to Kanchanaburi. It took daddy about 2 hours to arrive at my Great Granny's shop.

After meeting up with Great Granny, Great Granpa, Granny, Granpa daddy thought it would nice to go to the hotel to check in and take a nice bath after waking up early in the morning. We stayed in Ploy Guesthouse which is located along the way to the famous River Kwai Bridge.

Some photos taken today,

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