Thursday 1 January 2009

Third Day on Road Trip - Phuket to Ranong

It was a long drive, it is only about 300km from Phuket Town to Ranong but it took ages to get there since the whole route were on trunk provincial with up and downhill windy roads which took us about 5 hours from Phuket to Ranong with a few stops along the way for lunch and directions. Make sure you get a copy of Thailand detail road map from the Highway Police, very handy.

We left Hilton at around 1300hrs and make a stop at Talang for lunch since most of the restaurants were close and Central Festival was full of cars (could not get a parking space). We continue the drive via Thai Meung, Khao Lak and Takua Pa. This is the first journey in Thailand which I have seen more mosque than buddhist temples! Amazingly, they even speak malay here, short of them serving Nasi Lemak!

We only manage to arrive in the Tinidee Hotel at around 1930hrs, which gave no time for daddy to look for any other hotel. Tomorrow we will be heading to Victoria Point (also known as Kawthoung) in Burma. Hopefully the border crossing and the ferry ride will be smooth.

Lunch : Stew Pork with Egg at Talang
Dinner : Roast Pork and Fried Pork at Ranong

No photo were taken today.

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