Tuesday 27 January 2009

Ang Pow! Ang Pow!

Wow...!! I got even more Hong Pow today after visiting more uncle and aunty. At noon, daddy and mommy drove me to 2020 food court at Sungei Chua, since more of the shops were closed today but daddy got a shock when 2 glasses of Chinese Tea Ice cost RM1.20 which would normally cost RM0.80! Why should there be an increase just because of Chinese New Year! The restaurant, JJ Bak Kut Teh, we had our dinner last night did not seem to have any surcharge since daddy thought they would (3 dishes for RM20.40 plus rice and tea). Daddy is very dissapointed with the food court today! and vows not to return to have drinks there!

After lunch, my first stop was to visit Tai Kau Gong at the petrol kiosk, it was a short visit since we had to visit other the other Kau Gongs as well! Then mommy thought of visiting Sei Kau Gong first but unfortunately they were not around so we visit Yee Kau Gong and cousin Ashley instead. I met Uncle Chee Keong with Aunty Karen and my cousin, Bruce and Harriette. They arrived much earlier than us and left not long after that. We stayed in Sei Kau Gong's house until almost 1700hrs since Uncle Chee Keong told daddy that his daddy would be back home around 1700hrs.

Before we went to Sei Kau Gong house, daddy drove me home since mommy wanted to feed me first as we might not be back until after dinner and it would be better to feed me before we continue. Did not stay long in Sei Kau Gong place since my diaper was starting to leak but I had a great time playing with Aunty Wei Ting friends!

Daddy then drove me back home again to change the diaper before our last stop for the day, cousin Kitt or Sam Kau Gong house. When we arrived in Kitt house, it was actually almost time for dinner, so Sam Kau Gong invited us to join them for dinner at Ming Kee Coffee Shop with Tai Kau Gong, which was excellent as I got to meet all my cousin there later with a short lion dance presentation next door as well!

It was definately a great day today, with a lot more Hong Pow! I will be leaving for Ipoh to visit Great Granny before leaving for Hat Yai later in the night as daddy want to arrive at the border just before 0600hrs.

Lunch : Steam Pomfret with White Rice
Dinner : Steam Vegetable and Eggs with White Rice

Some photos taken today,

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