Thursday 29 January 2009

First Car Into Thailand!

We were the first car which cross into Thailand for today! We left great granny house in Ipoh at 0145hrs from Ipoh house and arrived at the border just before 0500hrs. We waited for about an hour before the border was officially opened. By the time the border was open we were the 4 car passing the Malaysian CIQ Complex and since the 3 cars in front of us, stopped at the duty free, were were the first car at the Thai CIQ.

We arrived in Hat Yai at 0600hrs (local Thai time which is 1 hour behind MST) and went directly to the market to buy Kao Khrok Kapi (ข้าวครกกะปิ) before daddy met up with Uncle Jammie which was suppose to leave at 0900hrs, but instead Uncle Jammie called daddy to get rooms for another night since they were going to stay another night. Daddy took Uncle Jammie to Wattana Mansion, next to Wat Cheer Chang along Suppasanrangsan Road, before we went for lunch at an Isaan restaurant.

Later in the night, me, daddy and mommy drove to pick up Granny from her office since Uncle Aot was not around. We drove over to Greenway, a second hand market, since daddy thought of selling off some old stuff there, but instead, we spend more time and money shopping. There is also quite a good variety of good available here but the are not too taste. There is a shop selling roti with chicken curry with sate sauce.

Not sure what is the planned yet tomorrow as daddy will not be back early tonight.

Lunch : Steam Egg with White Rice
Dinner : Fried Chicken

Some photos taken today
(coming soon)

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