Sunday 4 January 2009

In A Day

After a long trip, daddy was so tired that he refuses to go anywhere except taking money to get the hair done at UpperCut, which took more than 4hours. Daddy took mommy out after I was in my afternoon nap and I had to wait for mommy at the saloon for another 3 hours before she was finally finished. Uncle Peh came to meet me at the saloon since it has been almost a year since he last saw me.

Around 1700hrs daddy drove me with Uncle Aot to pick up granny from her factory since granny eyesight is getting bad. We will be driving back to Malaysia tomorrow, stopping over in Sadao since daddy need to pick something from a shop. Hopefully the border crossing tomorrow will be quiet and hassle free.

Lunch : Dry Pork Noodle @ Yen Tar Four
Dinner : EzyGo Terriyaki Chicken Rice from 7-Eleven

No photos taken today.

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Lossendal said...

Hey Uncle Loon! or rather Aeryn.. Im Nicholas Lim. Cute blog you have here. Hey could you send me the pictures of mama's 80th birthday to me? my email's You're daughter's sooo cute. haha..