Wednesday 28 January 2009

3rd Day In Ipoh

We left home around 1145hrs for Ipoh after daddy looking for this pocket pc for more than an hour and still could not find it. We arrived in Ipoh just after 1400hrs, and picked up Grandpa, Granny and Sei Sook Gong for curry mee, but when we got there, the guys there told daddy that we need to wait for at least an hour before they could serve us! No way daddy is going to wait for a plate of curry mee. Daddy opt for another curry mee at Ipoh Garden instead which was really bad compared to other times.

Later in the afternoon, daddy drove me and mommy to visit Uncle Calvin since he was still in Ipoh at Wooley Food Court before we left for dinner later at night with Grandpa, Granny and Grand Uncle Kirby at Han City Restaurant. If you are looking for a restaurant to have your reunion dinner, try Han City, pretty good service and reasonable price. Very bad experience with Tai Thong Restaurant at Heritage Hotel.

We will be leaving for Thailand later in the morning. Just hope that it will not get too hot tonight.

Lunch : Steam Egg with Brown Rice
Dinner : Stir Fried Toufu with Steam White Rice @ Han City Restaurant

Some photos taken today
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