Monday 7 May 2007

Worried Daddy

Daddy is very worried about me today as the red dots on my face has not subside yet but mommy keep telling daddy that its normal for newborn, but I wonder what causes it but mommy is more worried on my bloated tummy, I guess it must be air accumulated during my feeds. Below you will be a remedy that my mom uses on my tummy, (supposingly its being used by most of the newborn in Thailand to relief fratulance in infant.) called Mahahing V.S. (มหาหิงคุ์ วีเอสยาทาแก้ท้องอืด ท้องเฟ้อ) manufactured by
Vidhyasom Co. Ltd.,
46 Sukhumvit 69 Saleenimit,
Sukhumvit Phrakanong,
North Wattana,
Bangkok 10110,
Tel : +66-2-3817100-2, +66-2-3915783

And below are some photos taken today, see my partner "The Pink Cat",

Click here for more photos taken today.

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