Sunday 13 May 2007

My First Shopping

I finally got to go shopping today with mom and dad in Alamanda, Putrajaya. We left home around 1530hrs and got home after shopping for 2 hours. I visited Mothercare, Mom's Care, Parkson and a short stop in McDonalds. Mom wanted to get me some cloths but I started crying so no new cloths for me today. Hopefully next week I will get some new cloths.

My dad is still shopping for a electronic thermometer, which can be use without changing the probe for ear as well as forehead. Anyway we saw one today at Mom's care, which was quite handy but it doesn't look very good. Mom also got a very good deal for Anakku nappy liner from Parkson as well.

Some photos taken today, (did not take many photos in Alamanda as daddy and mommy was too busy taking care of me)
Click here for more photos

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