Thursday 10 May 2007

4 Weeks Old

Today I am 4 weeks old.... and 2 days more to go before I reach 1 month old. Visited Doctor Khoo for my second appointment as well as my second Hepatitis B vaccination and doc also took my measurement,
- Weight - 4.17kg
- Lenght - 56.5cm
- Head Circumference - 36.5cm

Compare to when I was born,
- Weight - 3.25kg
- Lenght - 46.5cm
- Head Circumference - 34cm

As for Daddy's concern, doc says that my rash are normal baby rash and prescribe me with some cream, which smell quite good actually (you can see my rashes in the photos below). Another medication which doc prescribed is the 'Dentinox' - Infant Colic Drops, because mommy was concern on my tummy.

Well, I also got more presents today from Auntie Renie (Uncle Martin, Samantha and Isabel) and below are some photos taken today, dress from Auntie Ann from Bangkok (Auntie Ann if you are reading this, click here) and presents from yesterday.

Click here for more photos.

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