Thursday 13 November 2008

Yeh Yeh Birthday

Today is Grandpa's 63rd Birthday. Daddy initially thought of having dinner in Kuala Lumpur since grandpa has always wanted to try the buffet in Cititel Hotel as they normally would have promotion such as pay 2 adults free 2 adults. But because the promotion only going to start tomorrow grandpa thought it would be cheaper to have dinner in Kajang instead.

Daddy got back around 1930hrs to pick me, mommy, grandpa and granny up for dinner in Xi Lai Ton, suggested by grandpa. It was good since I would be able to have some of the dishes as well.

Daddy got a GPRS or HSDPA mobile modem so when streamyx is down, daddy would still be able to connect to the internet. Daddy is trying out Celcom and the coverage in Kajang and Taman Shamelin area isn't that good, not as how it was advertise. Daddy would need to do more tries before deciding to stick with Celcom or change to another provider. Daddy has only been able to get around 200-300kbs instead of 1MB as advertise not to mention 3.6mb.

Tomorrow mommy will take me to Hat Yai by bus, my first bus ride into Hat Yai from Kuala Lumpur. Hope the journey would not be too difficult.
Lunch : Fried Egg and Vegetable with Steam Rice
Dinner : Fried Prawns and Vegetable with Stream Rice

Some photos taken today

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