Saturday 15 November 2008

Arriving in Hat Yai

I arrive in Hat Yai this morning in time and no delay in both immigration except mommy was surprise that we need to take the bags down at the Thai CIQ complex. Previously, mommy need not bring any bags except for the passport. Anyway this is the proper procedure but a nuisance since the Thai CIQ at the Danok (Sadao CIQ) was build with a proper planning. Anyway, will just have to leave with it since the Thai governmnet doesn't seem to care about it.

The bus arrive in Hat Yai at around 0730hrs at the bus agency in Hat Yai, which is owned by mommy best friend in school, Tor. But daddy doesn't really like this bus since it has never been puncture at departure time.

In the afternoon, mommy took me to Robinson to shop for some stuff since I needed a new potty. Mommy is trying to let me stay around at home without wearing any diapers and so far today has been great. Manage to tell mommy almost everytime I needed to go the toilet. I will be staying around at home until next weekend when daddy coming over to join us for Auntie Muay's wedding.

No photos will be taken for the next few days since mommy did not bring along the camera.

Lunch : Pork Porridge
Dinner : Fried Egg and Vegetable with Steam Rice

No photo were taken today.

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Anonymous said...

Hello... daddy,

Miss you so much :)