Monday 10 November 2008


Today I manage to tell mommy everytime I wanted to pee, but when granny got back, I failed and pee'ed on my training pants. Anyway mommy was very proud since I could actually control my bowels and tell either mommy or toon when I needed to go to the toilet.

In the evening, Ser Kai came over to play with me but only for about an hour since Ser Kai's mommy had to go out to get something. Tomorrow granny told daddy that Secret Recipe is going to giveaway 1 free cake for every cake purchase at 1100hrs in Alamanda. Daddy is going to try his luck since it will be daddy and mommy's anniversary and grandpa's birthday is just around the corner as well.

Click the play button to listen to my current favourite Barney Song,

Wonder where is daddy going to take mommy out for dinner?

Lunch : Steam Pomfret with Stream Rice
Dinner : Fried Broccoli and Minced Pork with Stream Rice

No photo were taken today.

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