Tuesday 17 February 2009

Into Laos

(oldest prasat in Thailand)

We left early in the morning from Nang Rong for Chong Mek border crossing stopping over at Chong Chom, the border crossing with Cambodia since daddy want to see how is the situation there with the current standoff. Everything seems to be normal here but don't bother going into Cambodia since the want THB300 per passport for entry into this nothing to see place. There are 2 casinos just across the border and nothing much other than that, a total waste of time!

We continued our journey at the lower trunk road via Det Udom and to Don Chik, passing paddy field, small vilages and supposingle the oldest khmer ruin in Thailand, Prasat Phompun. Before arriving at the border around 1500hrs, with a short detour to visit Sirinthon Dam. The CIQ Complex at Chong Mek looks very good but immediately after you pass the border, you will need to walk pass an non-tarred muddy path into the Laos. See below how beautiful this building is and next to it is the path leading into Laos, anyway this is the nicest looking land border crossing complex daddy has seen in Thailand,

In Laos, the border procedure is simple as well, but make sure you pass the border before 1600hrs as there are overtime charges after that. We arrived at the counter just pass 1600hrs and we had to pay THB100 per passport but it is stated on the window it actually only cost 10,000kip per passport. Anyway daddy didn't want to make a big fuss out of it as this is almost a standard practice so it is better to get ready kip instead! (there is an exchange counter a few meter away from the arrival booth).

We took a non-aircon taxi which cost THB400 from the border to Pakse town, but you can take an air-con van from the border to Pakse town for THB500 but taking a vintage left-hand drive toyota was great. Anyway, I fell asleep on this 45mins journey.

We arrived at the main market just across the bridge and took a tuk-tuk to the town looking a place to guesthouse or hotel. The prices here are pretty reasonable for a room and the condition are above average. Most of the hotel here range fro 400bt to about 800bt a night. Daddy checked into a pretty new hotel at the main road, Hotel Seng Aroun, which was only THB700 a night, clean and equip with an elevator and free breakfast.

Since it was already dark and most of the shops were closing by the time we check-in into the room. Daddy wanted to try some local Loatian food but the hotel actually introduce us to a thai restaurant and told us they serve Loatian food. When we got to the restaurant, Tour Lao, it was already pack of customers from 2 double deck busses from Thailand, but I had quite a big bowl of soup anyway. At least it was clean and air-conditioned.
(l-r : fried morning glory / pineapply fish)

Since there was nothing much to do in the night, and mommy wanted to watch her thai lakorn, me and mommy went back to the room while daddy and Uncle Chang walk around the city to check if there are anything interesting!

Lunch : Pork Ball Noodles @ Tesco Lotus Extra
Dinner : Pork Ball Soup @ Tour Lao Restaurant, Pakse

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