Monday 6 September 2010


Woke up quite late this morning since it is the first day of school holiday. My kindy will be close for 2 weeks which I am not sure what will happen when my kindy re-open. This morning mommy drove me out to the marketing after finding out that daddy forgot to close the main gate after Uncle Yap came by.

I have been busy the whole day today playing computer games on mommy's computer. My first computer interactive game started when daddy came across an online link to toddler games, Peekuboo, which I started but now I could easily play a few online education games such as,
3) Fun With Spot and my current favourite,
4) BabyTV
* all free online games

After dinner we drove out to Tesco to get some grocery and then to McDonalds Prima Saujana for french fries.

Lunch : Fish Ball Rice Noodle Soup
Dinner : Roast Drumstick and Baby French Beans (Yardlong Beans) with White Rice

Some photos taken before which were never uploaded, will try to upload more older photos when I get the chance!

Today's Movie - Dinosour

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