Sunday 9 May 2010

Curtain Yes or No! But It Is Mummy's Day

 I got up only around noon today since I had a wonderful time last night and we were all ready to go to Ikea since daddy was suppose to drive there yesterday. I got ready immediately after lunch and drove directly to Ikea but I tried to suggest Sunway Pyramid or Mid Valley instead! Surely my wish did not come true.

We arrived in Ikea around 1430hrs and the parking lots were full, we had to circle around for 20mins before finally we found a some sort illegal parking spot which the security directed daddy to park. Walk around, got some stuff but daddy still couldn't buy the curtain as he wasn't sure what type to railing to use since we had a bay window and the rods available in Ikea were all too short. Guess daddy will eventually have to install the old normal railing instead of rods which mommy prefers.

We walked for about 3 hours before daddy we left Ikea since I insisted of going to Sunway Pyramid "Lion Shopping (this is how I calls it)". Instead of going to Sunway Pyramid, i started throwing tantrum in the car and daddy decided not to go to Sunway instead of having dinner near the house. As daddy was driving back home, mommy wanted to stopped in The Mines Shopping Fair to check something at Giant and thought why not have dinner here since it is Mother's Day!

So we had Pizza and Spaghetti for dinner at Pizza San Francisco! which wasn't really good. Daddy rated it 3 out of 10 overall, and 3 is  because they had chilli flakes.

I crashed out quite early since I did not have any afternoon nap today.

Lunch : Fried Egg and Lettuce with White Rice
Dinner : Seafood Pizza and Spaghetti Cabonara

Some photos taken today
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